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We respond to needs.<br />We create solutions.

We respond to needs.
We create solutions.

NOBA-PROJECT is a team of people who provide independent support for international civilian agencies, US and UK governments and military agencies. We respond to all needs and create solutions to accomplish the assigned mission. We know how to operate under challenging conditions and time pressure. Our commitment and passion mean nothing is impossible for us, and we take on the toughest challenges.

Support for military<br />missions

Support for military

The values we believe in and adhere to mean that we treat our clients as business partners with whom we have a trusting relationship and a common goal.

Roads,<br />hard paved surfaces

hard paved surfaces

We create solutions and provide tailor-made products for the military and civilian sectors.

Support for UN peacekeeping<br />missions and UNICEF

Support for UN peacekeeping
missions and UNICEF

We participate in aid operations to help citizens of neighbouring countries in areas threatened by war.

Civil<br />projects


We believe in success and the accomplishment of the mission entrusted to us. The key to this is perseverance and motivation in pursuing the goal and the investor's satisfaction.
Logistical support<br />and international transport

Logistical support
and international transport

We are on full standby every day, thus guaranteeing a rapid response and a professional approach to the task at hand.

Support for UNICEF missions<br />and the education of children and youth

Support for UNICEF missions
and the education of children and youth

Our success is measured by our commitment to others.

Area of our activity


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